As a network, Epidemic Ethics produces high-quality contextually relevant bioethics publications to support ethical decision-making capabilities in countries or regions preparing for, or responding too, public health emergencies, including epidemics and pandemics. Publications are divided into three categories.

Network Publications

Literature Snapshots

The EE Collection Publications

Epidemic Ethics colleagues have published extensively on the ethical dimensions of epidemic and pandemic preparedness and response. Here you will find a comprehensive sample of some of our most recent publications from 2022–23.

The network also shares publications from a variety of partners, and individuals or institutions that focus on epidemic and pandemic preparedness and response on a bi-monthly basis.

The Wellcome Open Epidemic Ethics Collection brings together timely and insightful research on ethical issues in public health, and research responses to public health emergencies. This dedicated content hub welcomes different research formats and outputs including open letters, opinion pieces, literature reviews, policy and conceptual analysis, and empirical, normative, and policy research.