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Epidemic Ethics solicits and publishes a range of expert blogs, including our most recent reviewing the 25th July virtual seminar 'Ethical priorities for a new international instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness and ...

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Collective threats, collective interests, and collective action

13 March 2023, 1.00-2.00 PM (London time)   Epidemics and pandemics represent collective threats to humanity's health and well-being. Effective ...

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Using 'unproven' clinical interventions during public health emergencies: A review of the 11th April virtual seminar

Epidemics and pandemics of novel pathogens are often characterized by a lack of known therapeutic or preventive interventions; COVID-19 is ...

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The beginnings and endings of epidemics and pandemics: ethical dimensions - reviewing the 30th January 23 webinar

Several epidemiological metrics exist to inform determinations of whether an epidemic or pandemic has ended, e.g., when a disease has ...

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Women’s Rights Crucial in Ebola Outbreak in Uganda

Written by Dr. Tom J. Obengo   In September and October 2022, the East Africa region experienced an Ebola outbreak ...

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La Salud Mental durante la pandemia del COVID-19

La prioridad durante el 2020 fue atender la emergencia sanitaria que trajo el COVID-19 a todo el mundo. Muchas personas ...

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