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Restricting population movement during COVID-19: ethics and justifications

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, lockdowns have been used across much of the world as a primary public health measure. ...

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COVID-19 Vaccination Boosters: when and why?

With global vaccine inequity still remaining a significant problem in many parts of the world, Epidemic Ethics hosted a webinar ...

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Children and COVID-19 vaccination: ethical issues and consideration

Vaccinating children against COVID-19 remains ethically controversial. In this webinar on 13 Sept, which attracted over 400 global attendees, a ...

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New Knowledge Hub Launches to Facilitate Uptake and Application of Research Findings into Policy and Practice

The Global Health Network launches the Applying Research to Policy and Practice for Health (ARCH) Knowledge Hub.This Hub aims to ...

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Epidemic Ethics Postdoctoral Fellowship

The University of Cape Town is seeking to appoint a 2-year Postdoctoral Fellow in Epidemic Ethics. This role is one ...

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