Epidemic Ethics network members, including the Epidemic Ethics postdoctoral fellows, have presented at a variety of conferences. See below for examples of presentations at the Oxford Global Health and Bioethics International Conference in June 2022.


Introducing Epidemic Ethics 

Katherine Littler

In this presentation, Katherine Littler, co-lead of the World Health Organisation's Ethics and Governance Unit, introduces Epidemic Ethics and details how the network is leveraging global bioethics expertise to support ethical decision-making in public health emergencies.



COVID-19 vaccination-differentiated measures: The need for clear goals and strong justification 

Voo teck Chuan 

In this presentation Dr Voo Teck Chuan explores the ethical issues which arise from COVID-19 vaccination differentiated measures, arguing for stronger justifications and more clarity in regard to implementation. 



Medical debt during epidemics: A case for resolving the Kenyan situation 

Tom J. Obengo 

In this presentation Dr Tom J. Obengo explores the ethical issues in regard to Kenya's monetary policies and medical debt, and how this impacted both citizens and the wider healthcare infastructure, during the COVID-19 pandemic. 



Ethical implications of COVID-19 vaccination policies for women, girls and other pregnant people in the region of the Americas

Ilana Ambrogi 

In this presentation Dr Ilana Ambrogi ethically analyses COVID-19 policies affecting pregnant women in select countries in the LAC region, arguing collective mechanisms of exclusion, have denied women the autonomy to make decisions regarding their own health. 



COVID-19 vaccination for children in Brazil: Ethical and policy controversies

Pamella Liz Nunes Pereira

In this presentation Dr Pamella Liz Nunes Pereira explores how Brazil's political and policy controversies have shaped the country's response to paediatric vaccination, and the ethical ramifications. 



Hidden vulnerabilities and inequities in Singapore: 'Othering' in the COVID-19 pandemic

Jane Lim

In this presentation Dr Jane Lim explores the vulnerabilities and inequities affecting Singapore's migrant worker community during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how media narratives of 'othering' reinforce it.