Casebook on ethical issues in epidemic health research
Lead editors: Susan Bull and Michael Parker, Wellcome Centre for Ethics and the Humanities and The Ethox Centre, University of Oxford
Deadline 31 January 2021
This casebook seeks to provide  contextually rich and sensitive accounts of research ethics issues encountered by health researchers and ethics reviewers during epidemics and the COVID-19 pandemic. The case studies and accompanying commentaries aim to promote understanding of relevant ethical approaches and competing considerations in a manner which promotes thoughtful evaluation of their implications for practice. As such they can support a range of preparedness and capacity strengthening activities.
Cases reflecting a range of experiences, perspectives and positions are sought, including (but not limited to) those of research teams, funding agencies, ethics committees, governance bodies, policy analysts and advisors, clinical teams, community groups and research participants. Please see the link in the comments below for further details and case-study examples. Cases should:

  •    Focus on the ethical conduct and review of research during epidemics or the COVID-19 pandemic

  •    Include a title and list of main ethical issue(s) or thematic area(s) evoked by the case

  •    Be 300-1000 words in length

  •    Describe a real-world example of which the author(s) have knowledge or experience

  •    Include 2-4 questions designed to prompt reflection on ethical issues arising during research in epidemics and pandemics

  •    Exclude all information which could identify individuals, groups, organisations or countries

This project is funded by the World Health Organization (reference: Call on Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Ethics).


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